3 Things to Check on your Website Before Signing Off for the Weekend

3 Things to Check on your Website Before Signing Off for the Weekend


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Hi dears! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for this summer, and to be able to take some time off. Personally, we’re headed home to Canada to visit our loved ones that we haven’t seen in 19 months because of the pandemic. During our trip home, I’ll be disconnecting and stepping away from some things a little bit more than I normally do. Before I take any time off, there are a few things that I always like to make sure are done in my business: Instagram content scheduled, newsletters ready to send, and of course, making sure that my website is up to date.

What exactly needs to be updated on my website before taking off? Well, today we’re chatting about the 3 things you need to check on before you sign off for that long weekend, or even vacation, to make sure that everything runs smoothly while you’re gone.

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3 Things to Check on your Website Before the Weekend

All Website Links

Of the three things we’ll chat about today, this is quite possibly the most important. Before you sign off take a few minutes to go through your website to make sure that all of your links work. Links to all of your website pages, menu links, links to your Instagram, most popular content, and, most importantly, any links pointing to your current offers. The last thing you want to happen while you’re disconnected is to come back and find out that clients couldn’t access your offer because the link doesn’t work. Spending an extra 10 minutes checking your links will give you so much peace of mind while you’re away.

Instagram Bio Link

The one place we share all of our testimonials, content, and offers is Instagram. Whenever we post about a new piece of content we’ve created, or even about how to work with us, we also update the link in our Instagram Bio. Before you sign off for the weekend or vacation, double check that the link in your Instagram bio is up to date so it’s easy for your client to find what they’re looking for from your Instagram feed. As a user, it’s so incredibly frustrating to click that link in bio and be taken to the exact thing that you weren’t looking for. Don’t let your clients feel the same way – update that bio link!

Remove Outdated Content

Of the three things we’re chatting about today, this is the one that you might need to dedicate a little bit of time to (realistically no more than 30 minutes). But again, it’s so important to do before signing off. Go through your website and remove any outdated content that might exist. When I say outdated content, I mean any offers that are no longer available and past announcements and banners that are no longer relevant. Make sure that you’re leaving your clients with the most updated information that you can on your website so there’s no confusion on your current offers.

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Get in the habit at the end of your work week to take 5 minutes to do a quick website check. This will ensure you are always staying up to date and your website is working flawlessly for your clients. Hopefully this little list of 3 things to check on your website before signing off is helpful and lets you relax and disconnect in peace without worrying (as much) about your business. 

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