How to Make the Most of your Branding Photoshoot

How to Make the Most of your Branding Photoshoot

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Hi dears! Let’s chat for a minute about branding photoshoots. Have you had one recently or are you planning one? A few weeks ago I had my own branding photoshoot to get some updated photos to reflect the new 86th and Trend brand and to use on our new website. In the weeks leading up to it I had so much fun planning, but also had some nerves! After all, I wanted to make sure that all the effort I was putting into these photos would reflect my brand and also work well for my website. As I was going through the planning process I made a little list of a few things that helped me out. 

Today I thought I would share that list with you too, in the hopes that it would help you get the most out of your branding photoshoot and to get great photos for your website. 

How to Make the Most of your Branding Photoshoot

1. Determine the purpose

Before you even start to plan your photoshoot (or pick out what you’re going to wear) it’s super important to decide what exactly you’re going to use your photos for. Will the finished images be used on your website? Are they for social media content only? Or are they going to be used for something super specific, like a book launch or podcast? The decision you make for how they’ll be used will influence all of the choices that you make for all of the other steps below, so make sure you’re certain about the purpose of your photoshoot! 

2. Create a Pinterest board

Pinterest is helpful for so many things, but especially when it comes to planning for your branding photoshoot. Creating a Pinterest board to collect images that you love and are drawn to is a great way to get a good feel for the look you’re going for in your photo shoot. 

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to pin the exact photos that you want to replicate and share those with your photographer. 

3. Know exactly what type of photos you need

This one is especially important! As you’re planning your photo shoot, it’s important to know exactly what type of pictures you need to fulfill your needs, especially if these photos are for your website. 

If you’re just building your website it’s super helpful to have a plan of your website wireframe so you know exactly what kind of photos you need to fill the spaces in your design. If you’ll be using your photos in a website that’s already designed, you still want to know exactly which orientations you need to update your website with so you can get exactly what you need from your branding photoshoot. 

4. Utilize negative space

Be sure to plan images that include white or negative space in them! This is something your photographer should know to do, but it’s also something that you should plan on doing as well. Landscape images that will take up a large part of your website should have some negative space. This means that you should be off to one side of the photo or the other and not taking up the whole frame or in the exact center. This way, your website designer will be able to place text or a call-to-action over your photos on your website! …And you’ll be able to use these images additionally on Instagram and in Reels! 

5. Additional images to capture

Another tip I love is to capture a few images of the same shot with you just moving slightly from frame to frame. This set of photos will work great on your  website in a carousel format to add movement and interest to your site. 

Make sure you capture some images in addition to just you – show images of you working, images of your workspace, books you use, your coffee, etc… (these b reel type photos are a great way to break up all the photos of you on your website and help to portray your brand).

6. Capture some video during your photoshoot

Short, 15 second clips are best. Video is the direction everything is moving!! 

When your shoot is over you can turn these clips into gifs (Canva is a great resource for this) or use the footage on your website to add movement and interest. You can get specific video footage, or keep it super simple and just capture video of the exact photo you’re getting. 

7. Communicate your goals with your photographer

Your photographer will likely have a plan in place for your photoshoot as well, but don’t be afraid to communicate your specific goals and needs. This is YOUR photoshoot, and you want to be sure to walk away with all kinds of options for the photos that you need. 

Make sure you are both aligned on the aesthetic, the type of photos you are expecting, and the purpose for your shoot.

8. Be you

Yes, photoshoots are a little nerve wracking. But the thing you want to remember above everything else? Just be you. You’re having these photos taken to introduce yourself to your future clients and to represent your business on your website, and you want to make sure that you’re presenting the best version of yourself that you can. Wear clothes that you would normally wear, sit or stand in a way that you would normally stand, do things that you would normally do, and you’ll be just fine. 

I hope our eight tips for making the most of your banding photoshoot helps as you’re planning your own photoshoot for your website! Get our exact guide for our own branding photoshoot here.

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