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We believe living a life on your terms is an inspired life. That’s why we help goal-getting female entrepreneurs stand out with confidence, scale their business, and smash their goals with impactful web design - done for or with you

You might just relate...

I remember when I was working corporate, running at a thousand miles a minute, saying “yes” to everything, I didn’t know how to relax or what to do with downtime. I wasn’t tapped into my creativity - I was your typical enneagram 3 overachiever working my way up the corporate ladder while checking things off my to-do list. I felt accomplished but burnt out.

But with one phone call everything changed.

My husband got a job opportunity in Pittsburgh, over 2,000 miles away from everything we knew in Canada. All of that running myself into the ground didn't mean anything because I left all behind anyways. 

I got to Pittsburgh and I felt like I had lost my identity - I was so connected to what I did, how many hours I worked and what my position was that I didn't know who I was outside of that.

One time, I was in the back of an Uber and the driver casually asked me what I did. I went into a long explanation (...he definitely got more than he bargained for) about what I did. It was like my identity was wrapped up in my title, but realized by taking it away I didn’t know who I was outside of that - that was a wake up call to stop taking time for granted and intentionally creating the life I wanted.

I saw so many women around me with the same story - working themselves into the ground, no time for family, fueled by coffee & carbs, living for the weekends & having their entire identities wrapped up in the title they held.

I wanted to create a life I was passionate about, excited about, proud of, one that lit me up. I wanted a life where I could be home with my kiddos, go to yoga in the middle of the day, travel, vacation, be creative and I wanted to help other women do the same.

From here 86th & Trend was born. 

Going forward my mission is to help other women create a life on their terms.

Whether your dream is to be responding to emails, feeling the ocean breeze on your skin or hopping on a zoom call from your dream office before taking the afternoon off to spend with your family.

We are here to make that dream a reality through impactful web design that helps you show up confidently, scale your business & smash those goals because at our core we believe living a life on your terms is living an inspired life.

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/ ey-tee-siksth / noun 

Rooted in your past in order to blossom into the future


/ trend / noun 

Everything that makes you who you are and everything that's possible



We believe that living a life on your terms is living an inspired life. That your website deserves more than to sit in the abyss of the internet; it's a key to igniting your most brilliant life.

You're not here for just an ordinary website; but to create extraordinary experiences for you and those around you. Your site should be both gorgeous and strategic, providing an experience that feels easeful and motivating — like the first sip of coffee in the morning sun. 

We believe in results and are motivated by the ripple effect of working together and creating an even bigger impact across communities. And finally, that the greatest impact we could make, is not just in helping you reach big success; but in giving you the freedom to soak in those small, intimate moments, from cuddling your kids to exploring new places, and everything in between. 

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