How to move your domain from Squarespace to Showit

How to move your domain from Squarespace to Showit


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In the world of websites, oftentimes it feels like once you pick a website platform to build your website on, you’re stuck with that platform for life. And, we all know once you start to learn more and start using something you often learn there’s an alternative that might work better for you. Think of it as buyer’s remorse, if you will. (Check out our website platform comparison blog post here for a full breakdown of the top contenders so you can hopefully set yourself up with the right platform for you from the start.)

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The good news is that just because you decide to build on a single website platform doesn’t mean that you’re stuck on that platform for life. 

In fact, over the years we’ve worked with clients to move their websites from platforms such as Wix and Squarespace to ShowIt because it’s so much more user friendly and easier to build on. Although this migration isn’t necessarily easy to do on your own, you can make it happen. 

The only catch that we’ve seen people run into time and time again when migrating from Squarespace to ShowIt? Moving their email from a Squarespace website/domain to a Showit website/domain. Which is why today we thought we would walk you through how to move your email domain from Squarespace to Showit. 

How to move your Email Domain from Squarespace to ShowIt

If you’re migrating from Squarespace to Showit and are ready to move your domain and email, you have to keep your domain active. Which means that you should only cancel your website subscription with Squarespace, not your entire domain. All of their subscriptions are billed independently, which means that canceling your website subscription won’t affect your actual domain or Google Workspace subscriptions. 

(See this article for more information.

Once you cancel your site with Squarespace, you’ll then be able to connect your domain to your ShowIt site. To do this you’ll need to add a new CNAME to your DNS settings that will point your domain to the new version of your website. 

For additional, information and more detailed steps, here’s an amazing Squarespace support article that will walk you through all of the technical parts of making these updates: 

Connecting a domain to a ShowIt site.

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We hope these instructions and articles help as you migrate from Squarespace to ShowIt! 

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