A Step by Step Guide to Formatting your ShowIt Blog Post

A Step by Step Guide to Formatting your ShowIt Blog Post


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Blogging. It’s something that at one point everybody said that you had to do to have a successful business and website. And, while they’re not wrong (yes, even today), blogging gets a bad rep for being hard, complicated, and completely overwhelming. Especially when it comes to putting a post together so that it not only contains good content, but hits all of your SEO markers and is beautiful and impactful as well.

Today we’ve got something special up our sleeves to help make part of that formatting process a little bit easier for you. We recently met with a client to walk her through how to make her blog posts more impactful and beautiful, and she’s graciously allowed us to share the recording of our meeting with you!

This video contains everything that you need to know to make blogging posts super easy for you:

  • How to add copy and text
  • How to format text and photos to make them aesthetically pleasing
  • How to add links in the copy of your post
  • How to format blog post headings
  • How to set up a template you can easily recreate each time you start a new blog post

*We are focusing this training for ShowIt only

To get access to the video and all of the content, tips and tricks in it, click here.

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