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Lindsey Pattison

I was so excited to work with Lindsey on her website project. I’ve known Lindsey for a few years now so I had a great sense of her style, vibe and the wealth of knowledge she has to offer.

I was so excited to help her build her on-line presence so she can start offering her amazing services. Lindsey’s core values are trust, self-love and discipline. Her client’s are people who are willing to do the work and put in the time to create a life they love.

We used a very organic, neutral color pallet for Lindsey. She did an amazing photoshoot for her website so we wanted the photos to speak for themselves. We designed a simple, easy to navigate website that would allow her client to get to know Lindsey while feeling welcome and at ease. 


kind words

Thank you honestly does not even begin to cover it. This website meant so much to me already, I am so grateful to have something warm and welcoming to offer the community. I am already getting so many comments on the website and newsletter; it’s so great! Someone, not knowing my intent, said “it looks like how the studio feels” which is EXACTLY what I was going for


We used clean type lines and focused on a warm, welcoming voice throughout her copy to create that sense of belonging and acceptance. We wanted her clients to feel like they showed up at the exact right place.

My favorite part of the website is the simplicity of it. There is so much awesome information on the site and it is so easy to navigate and move through the site because of the simplicity. We wanted her clients to feel at ease and have the opportunity to feel a little space and calm in their busy days while being on the website.

Lindsey is going to be one to watch over the next little bit! She has so much knowledge and resources to offer and I am so excited to watch her impact so many people as she grows her business. Thanks Lindsey for trusting me to bring your vision to life!


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