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Levana Melamed Photography

Levana is an amazing wedding photographer in Pittsburgh, PA. We met a couple years ago in a networking group when I still lived in the city. We've kept in touch on Instagram and I've also been obsessed with Levana's amazing Instagram account.

Levana reached out to me to help pull her website together. She was already on ShowIt but felt like she was making a couple edits here and there with no overall strategic vision or plan and her efforts were not converting into more clients. 

The first step with Levana was to set her strategic direction for her website. Levana worked through my Website Strategy workbooks and we worked together to set a high level vision for her business based on her goals, a competitive analysis, and taking into account everything that inspire Levana. 


kind words

I love how Rachelle took the time to know me (brand wise) so her work really shows the personality behind my business, the mission and vision of it all so potential clients have a better and accurate first impression of me and my brand.


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