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Late in 2018 I worked on getting extremely clear on who my target market is. I now know everything about her - her name, where she hangs out, her business goals, where she shops, eats and vacations! Everything :)

When Kelly reached out to me to help her with her new website launch I was so excited! First of all I have been following Kelly for a few years now because her work is SO gorgeous! Secondly, she fit my ideal client avatar perfectly so I knew this would be such a good project! 

Kelly is a wedding planner and came to me with a few pieces of her current brand to work with. We had a color pallet and her logo and the rest of her site and strategy we were going to completely UP-LEVEL! 


kind words

I cannot say enough good things about working WITH RACHELLE and how happy I am with the results. Redesigning a website is such a big undertaking for small businesses and it's such a relief to have it done so well. IT WAS A TOTAL PLEASURE FROM THE GREAT COMMUNICATION, ON TIME DELIVERABLES AND FEELING LIKE RACHELLE WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ME. 


We wanted to create a high-end yet, soft and approachable feel for Kelly's clients. We created an experience on Kelly's website for her clients - a place where they could come and sit with a cup of coffee and easily move through the site while looking through gorgeous galleries and being completely inspired for their future wedding. We did this by creating a separate, dedicated Gallery section (rather than hiding the galleries within the blog) highlighting different types of wedding that appeal to the bride who is on the site. We made this whole section easy to navigate and contact Kelly.

We created a site that clearly outlined the ways you can work with Kelly. We wanted future brides to immediately feel the trust and support they are going to receive when they work with Kelly.  We did this through the soft color pallet, the beautiful photos, the engaging copy and the strategic flow of information on the website. 

I am so excited for Kelly to continue to grow her business. This project was definitely one of my favorites to work on!


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