I Am Yoga

I was so excited when Amie reached out to me looking for a new website. Amie is the studio owner of I Am Yoga which is a yoga and pilates studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. Amie’s studio is a warm & welcoming place for community to come together. Our main goal for the website was to create an extension of the studio on-line and to make the website feel as warm & welcoming as the studio is. The core values we built the website to represent were “community/family”, “heartfelt” and “organic”.

We used a fun color pallet throughout the website so we took a simplified approach to design because the colors were so fun and bold. We utilized a beautiful script font and contrasted the color pallet with an intentional amount of white space. All these details helped to convey a calm quiet and peaceful space.


kind words

Thank you honestly does not even begin to cover it. This website meant so much to me already, I am so grateful to have something warm and welcoming to offer the community. I am already getting so many comments on the website and newsletter; it’s so great! Someone, not knowing my intent, said “it looks like how the studio feels” which is EXACTLY what I was going for


We used a warm and welcoming voice throughout the copy on the site. We wanted the copy to feel very direct, like you are being directly talked to but in a very calming, engaging way. We wanted the site to be as user-friendly and inviting as possible.

One of my favorite parts of the site are all the beautiful images of the studio. Amie wanted to use all photos of the actual studio rather than stock photography so people really get a sense of what to expect when they show up on their first day.

Amie is up to some amazing things in her community and I can’t wait to see how she continues to build a beautiful space for people to come together where they can show up exactly as they are, feel welcome and have a safe place to work on themselves. If you are in the Pittsburgh area check out this amazing studio!


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