Glow Pro Tans

Glow Pro Tans is an at home tanning lotion e-commerce business that is FULLY on-line. Julie sells amazing home tanning products that are paraben and sulfate free and actually disclose DHA levels. If you don't know what DHA is and why that sets them apart - check out the website! 

When Julie came to me she was doing great with her business and was marketing her business predominately on instagram. Their challenge was to educate their customers on the importance of DHA - this is something customers don't know they should care about until they understand it! There was  a major educational piece we wanted to achieve with this website rebuild. We wanted to showcase this information in a fun, easy to grasp way because this really sets Glow Pro Tans apart from everyone else.


kind words

It's SO CUTE!!! 😍 The bottom left picture with the gold flakes on her skin kills me because I literally have a picture of myself like that so you definitely understand me 🤣!! I love it!


We focused on bright and fun yet approachable and high-end. We wanted people to feel happy and beautiful when they came to the site. Julie wanted customers to see themselves on the site rather than unrealistic model shots.

Our whole focus for her new site was to make DHA a focal point, to educate the customer and to highlight the influencer's that are using the Glow Pro products. This really brings a sense of realness and relatability to the products. 

We incorporated a brand new quiz as Glow Pro's opt-in to focus on growing her email list so she could reach out to past clients and continue to grow her community. The quiz also acts as an education tool because it customizes for clients which products they need - making the experience so easy for them! 

This site was so much fun to work on and Julie was the best to work with. We enhanced the user experience and took the site to a whole new level! 


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