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Angelica Ross

I have had a chance to get to know Angelica through a mastermind we are both apart of so when she came to me to redesign her website I was so excited!

Angelica is a copywriter for fearless, female entrepreneurs and she has an amazing way with words. Angelica had just finished working with Devan Danielle getting even more clear on her brand visioning. They did an awesome job pulling together Angelica’s mission statement, tagline and initial brand mood board.

I loved the moodboard and was so excited to design her site based on the initial brand visioning.

Angelica’s mission is to help tell your business story better so you can stop half assing your marketing and start connecting with the right people in your life and business. She is direct, fun and authentic so we wanted to make sure that was conveyed when you visit her site.  


kind words

Rachelle took what I wanted to do on my own (and was struggling to make happen) and turned it into a professional website. It’s uniquely mine and it has personal touches that no one else’s website has. As a designer I appreciated that she used my ideas but made them better and I could trust that when I asked for a design opinion, she didn’t just give me a whatever answer; she considered the elements of the page, the goals of the site, and gave me an expert opinion


Our main goal of the website was to give potential clients enough information that they would want to book a call with Angelica. You will see we included many call-to-action buttons so it is very easy for clients to schedule a call with Angelica. We wanted to show off Angelica’s wealth of knowledge and expertise – we did this by highlighting her blog posts and having her newsletter opt-in on every page. This will also help to grow her following.

We used a really fun color pallet that had an organic, bright feel. We incorporated beautiful flowers and leaves throughout the site to make it uniquely Angelica (she has an amazing green thumb!) We wanted the site to be as user-friendly and inviting as possible. One of my favorite parts is the full page of testimonials and the great About page giving Angelica’s potential clients a really great sense of who she is and what it’s like to work with her (read the copy on her about page – it’s like she’s speaking right to you!)

Angelica is up to some amazing things! We launched her site in one-month and she had such a solid idea of what she was looking for and how she wants to help her clients.! I LOVED working with Angelica and am so excited to watch her business evolve.


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